449 N. Main St, Milford | (248) 977-0408

From Scratch Kitchen.

32 Craft Draughts.

218 Whiskies. Cocktails.

Boutique Wines.


Reservations through RESY are strongly recommended and can be done by clicking the link below or visiting www.Resy.com.

You must be 21 yrs or older to sit at the BAR rail. We do have Booth seating available for parties up to 6 people; however we will not be hosting larger parties or events at this time.

All reservations are 90 minutes due to our limited capacity restrictions.

** Our newly renovated PATIO BAR will be open in August 2021 and will be available for 21 years & older.

** The Dinner menu has been updated with fresh new seasonal items, as well as our Beer, Wine, and Cocktails.
Brunch on Saturday and Sunday will be offered soon!!!

We look forward to hosting you and appreciate all of your support!

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We are doing our part to reduce the use of single-use plastics by teaming up with Milford’s own pioneer in the reusable straw industry, Strawesome. Enjoy sipping plastic-free from Strawesome reusable glass straws now served with all our craft cocktails (and soon all beverages)! If interested, you can purchase your own reusable straw travel kit from Strawesome’s online store. Cheers!