Our Palate Rooftop Garden Started in 2014 pretty late in the season. It came about because of a long conversation over “too many” craft beers, and a realization that we were paying way too much for herbs! Joe also doesn’t care for wasted space, and our Palate rooftop was just that! He had to put it to use. Our Palate team Hauled 90 LARGE buckets of organic compost to the rooftop using a cherry picker. Then Chef Aaron irrigated all of the buckets for them to get water consistently. Each day it is pruned and harvested by our team and put to use in each of our plates. It doesn’t end there… Our Market Fresh Mary is made with our tomatoes and the herbs complete some of our Hand Crafted Cocktails!

As of today we grow majority of our Tomatoes, Herbs, and a variety of Peppers right up on our rooftop. We also have a LOVE for Sunflowers! Those frame in our garden.

So from that conversation it has evolved into a fun project that helps drive the passion behind our mission.

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