In 2012, Palate was built on the foundation of a love of food, service, and community.   The strength of all three has continued to grow ever since.

Joe and Bristol Hibbert imagined a place where friends and community could gather and share their passion for locally grown and produced food and beverage.    When their dreams came to fruition with the opening of Palate in quaint downtown Milford, they saw their business appeal to an audience even Milford wasn’t aware existed.    The idea of a family owned and run restaurant, who appreciated and valued their employees work ethic and opinions,  that used menu ingredients from local sources, and was able to pair menu items with locally brewed craft beer and other libations was fresh, new and appealing.   When customers saw the commitment that Joe and Bristol extended past the menu, and reached into the community and other local businesses, a new favorite restaurant was born.

Joe comes from a long background in the food industry, dating back to his culinary roots in Canada. Having worked in the business for over two decades, he is in touch with the needs and wants of customers, and understands the intrinsic need for proper food and beverage pairings to bring the most to a dining experience.

Bristol’s love for good food and wine has grown since her days as an entertainer working with Walt Disney World, Royal Caribbean and the USO.   In her travels, her own palate became educated by fine food and drink.    Much like the meals they present to their customers, the Hibberts are a perfect pairing.  Their passion for food, wine, craft beer and the community show in every decision they make with regard to Palate.

The staff  is equally committed to the ideals at Palate.   They put time and love into their roles, and it shows in the service, knowledge, care and friendliness that they bring to each table  that is served.  From the management, to waitstaff, to bartenders, chef and kitchen staff…..Palate brings together a family of employees that take pride in their work and their community.

The relationships Palate creates and nurtures extends to the community and beyond.   In addition to growing their own rooftop vegetables and infusing their own liquor, they work with local craft breweries to afford new and delicious drink opportunities to customers, and support those other local businesses at the same time.   Their dedication to the Milford/Highland area is also evident with their incredible generosity.    Since its inception in 2012, Palate has been fundraising for multiple non-profit organizations including Highland Community Sharing, The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund and the Michigan War Dog Memorial.    Not only have they dedicated themselves to these organizations, but they have donated, or been a part of donating thousands of dollars to families and organizations in need throughout the community, most of which goes unrecognized.

Palate has become a Michigan destination for those with an appreciation for good food and drink, excellent service and entertainment.    For those who live in the community, it is home.    The dream of creating a memorable dining experience in the perfect location is here.   Joe and Bristol have made sure that it is one you won’t soon forget.

Welcome to Palate.